The Novel is Done and Available to Buy

At long last, Abraham is ready to be shared with the world. 

Now, You Are Abraham as a larger project is taking shape.  The lyrics in the music components of the project offer a glimpse into the protagonist's interior as he enters a mysterious world after hitting his head--

     Can I tap into the half of my brain I don't usually have access to? 

Likewise, the novel asks the question at one point, what is your interior?  What is the voice that is always talking in your head?  Through other explorations in the story, that voice in your head is given an elevated, spiritual status, so the music can be thought of as the expression of the spiritual shifts inside Abraham.  

A full understanding of the project entails consideration of the novel with the music.  There are two more EPs on the way that explore other themes in the novel.  After those are finished, I will turn my attention to developing Abraham into a film.