What the heck is this thing supposed to be?

I started working on Abraham as a movie script when I was living in Chicago in the winter of 2014.   

I moved to Los Angeles, turned the script into a novel, wrote some music, shot some film, and created a few other Abraham-related projects that you'll see here before too long.

Above all, I wanted to ask questions about how we construct our reality through language, religion, art, and technology, so I felt compelled to allow Abraham to exist across several mediums.  

The novel is written in a second person point of view, hence "You are Abraham," to give it a didactic/religious-text effect. 


You are Abraham.  You want nothing more than to go on a transformative journey.  You try voluntary homelessness, extemporaneous social commentary, live performance, cohabitation, unspoken sleeping arrangements, casual dating, camping in the great outdoors, delivering a eulogy, mantra meditation, floating in a tank, punk rock, hip-hop, virtual reality, cross-country driving, and everything in between.